Leaf blower noise pollution- how to do to prevent it?

Noise from power tools like the leaf blower, lawn mower, and pool pumps are unavoidable. Especially the leaf blower noise pollution is common and people complaint on that often to the owner or even in local authorities. Many places have been banned using leaf blowers or limit the usage for a fixed time. Usually, these power tools are allowed to use before 7 a.m. and after 8 p.m. in national and weekly holidays the morning time will be extended. Means you can use them till 8 a.m. the 8 p.m. time will remain same.

leaf blower noise pollution

leaf blower noise pollution

Avoid noise you can go for handy leaf blowers in the market. Or read the article from howtothat.com cordless leaf blower reviews to learn about some efficient leaf blowers.

Leaf blower noise pollution- what best you can do?

Numbers of ways exist to lessen the noise pollution caused by this equipment. First and foremost you have the knowledge what sound pollution is, how outrage a leaf blower could be/ or not and the distance of your close are far neighbor houses. You may limit the usage and low this time chart for leaf blower is your state. But it possible, that your leaf blower is an extreme sound producer and sends sounds the farthest corner of your area.

You need things to consider (to take home) before buying this power equipment. Follow these things to reduce or lessen leaf blower noise pollution problems.

Equipment covered

The equipment covered includes:

Not only leaf blowers you should cover your all powered garden tools with the petrol engine or electric motors. Especially, the lawn mowers, garden mulched, edge-cutter, etc.

Dealing with noise

Its the act as a neighbor you can do. Keep patients and cooperation when one is working something with grade tools or power tools. Any kind or work create sounds and noise. If it’s tolerable and you it’s important to let them work with the tools, then be a gentleman. But anything that close tolerance limit need to sort out according to the rules to seek of peace.

Talk to your neighbor

They may not realize it is creating a nuisance or is too loud. Your next door neighbor might not understand your situation or don’t release how noisy toll he is using. So, solve the matter by talking them.


If the problem is not sorted out, inform the Community Justice Centre (CJC). They are settling matters in between neighbors or community in different issues. They will arrange meeting or meditation with the person who is responsible for noise and you. CJC repetitive will also present there. It’s free and has a record of positive impact on solving this matter.

Contact the local authorities

If the problem is not solving with talk, meeting, and meditation it’s time to inform the matter to local authorizes. They will investigate the case and help you out with.


The consequences of causing noise pollution by leaf blowers are a first warning and later fines given by council or police officer. They might siege the tool from the owner. In the residential area, there is regulation to use certain things or equipment. However, now you have learned about the cause, consequence, and solutions to get rid of these matters. So follow them well and cooperate to reduce leaf blower noise pollution. 

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