How to Run Properly: A Guide for Beginners

For an injury free running, one has to know thoroughly about how to run properly. Running is a very good exercise for body and mind. Anyone can get a fit a sound body by running properly. It is such an effective work that influences all of the body parts equally. By running or sprinting, we can have a durable body prepared for any work at any time. But, we need to have a knowledge of running properly. Otherwise, we might fall in injury easily. So, here I am delineating some important matters about proper running methods that will surely help you maintain the real process.

Methods to Know How to Run Properly

How to Run Properly

A safe running can give you a sound body and mind. But you also get the opposite if you don’t know the proper way of running. Besides, you won’t be able to develop your body. Your body flexibility and strength influences the running. The muscles also respond in the regarding facts. So, before doing anything, make sure you know enough about it. In addition if you looking for quality running shoes for proper running, let you see the site:  So, is  important to know how to run properly. Some steps to be followed are given below:

1. Keep a straight head:

While running, you should look straight ahead. Watching about 30-40 meters in front is a good area for awareness. Besides, do not look down the feet. It will make an unconscious state in mind. You might also feel uneasiness in shoulders and neck. Keep your neck and jaw relaxed.

2. Do not lump your shoulders:

Backing down your shoulders will hamper the running process. Always try to be relaxed and avoid making them tensed. Otherwise, this will restrict your breathing and allow less oxygen get to your muscles.

3. Keep the hands relaxed:

Keep your hands relaxed while running. Tight hands will cause tension. And, it will move to the shoulders and back. Be aware that your hands do not cross the midline. Besides, try not to punch forward.

4. Bend the arms to 90 degrees:

Try to keep your arms at 90-degree. Also swing them at times forward and backward. This movement helps you propel you forward easily. That means, swinging them out is only a waste of energy.

5. Lean a little forward at the time of running:

Bend little forward while running. It will help you keep the body balance appropriate. Because using the body weight for leaning forward. A bit of it while running will reduce the strike of hitting. You can also land on your foot’s middle point.

6. Keep the hips unmoved:

You should keep your hips stable and a little forward-facing. Do not take the bottom out or side. This position will prevent the pains in low back and hip. Besides, other body parts will be stress-free.

7. Do not uphold your knees higher:

At the time of landing, do it with slight bending forward. This process absorbs the stress of running longer on hard grounds. Avoid lifting your knees much higher. Also, try not to bounce up-down. Your knees need to be lifted forwards instead of upwards.

8. Try to strike in the middle of the foot:

The safest way to land is landing on the middle point of your foot. So, try to avoid striking with the heels or forefeet on the ground. Form a habit of landing controlling the landing point and feet position.

9. Never strike heavily on the ground:

Target short and light steps. Light and relaxed steps will make you feel comfortable while running. Whatever is the weight, do not slap your feet loudly on the ground. Light steps spend less of your energy and keep you away from injuries.

10. Control your breathing:

When you are running, breathe deeply. Choose your nose or mouth and breathe rhythmically and deeply. Moreover, do not breathe quickly or take shallow. Take one breath per two strides. Try to breathe longer and do not hesitate to keep it up. This will help you deeply for an easy run.

11. Maintain a short stride:

Do not lengthen the strides you make. Do not move forward with the feet. It can create over-striding and make you fall in injury. Also, push off and up the ground.

Tips for Running Upward and Downward

It is better to build your core before running. This will make it easier to stay upright. Even, when you be tired, do not bend too much to the knees which cause injury. Running up or down needs a bit serious attention. Some tips for these two types are as follows:

Running Up:

  1. While running, maintain your head up.
  2. Always keep an eye straight ahead of you.
  3. Visualize the uprising road you are meeting.
  4. Try to keep your shoulders a little backside.
  5. Always push off and up the hill. Also, spring from the toes.
  6. Avoid bending at your waist and hunch.
  7. Try to pump your arms a little faster. Remember that the steeper it gets, the more motion of arms you need for advancement.

Running Down:

  1. Keep the torso a little upright.
  2. Look carefully straight ahead.
  3. Confirm that your nose is over the toes.
  4. Keep your steps soft. Put your feet lightly on the ground.
  5. Then slow the run down. Improper downward running causes serious injury.
  6. To keep the gravity balance, lean forward slightly on feet or the ankles.
Some Things to Keep in Mind

Before running, always keep the below advice in mind to avoid injury:

  1. Start your running slowly. Then gradually increase the running mileage.
  2. Try to recover right. Give plenty of resting time to you for recovery. Keep this for any kind of run or path.
  3. Always wear better shoes. The shoes that provide comfort and fit your feet properly are the best ones for a runner.
  4. Try to form the right habit of running. Notice all the running levels for this.

Running is always a reliable way to get a good health and peaceful mind. But to gain the ultimate result from it, one must know how to run properly. Now, you can apply the methods you need for running. Just follow the instructions above and make the best use of it.

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