How to play table tennis (ping pong); tips for the beginner

Are you want to play table tennis and don’t know how to play table tennis? It is a popular game all over the world. The article will give you information about playing table tennis. There are some basic rules of this game. To start the game, you need to know about them and have to watch the game carefully. It is not a hard game. If you follow all the instructions, you can learn it easily.

How to play table tennis

To play table tennis, you need to know the proper grip, how to serve and the footwork. Now see the tips one by one and hope you can learn how to play table tennis quickly. In addition it is remembered for you that for better experience about table tennis game you need a best Table tennis table.

How to play table tennis


Find a friend to play with you

Table tennis cannot be played alone. So, you need to find someone to play with you. But the skill level of your partner will not high and who just can play table tennis. Besides, he will not aggressively play with you. You can start playing one-on-one. If your eye-coordination is good and then you can practice with a ping pong ball and a paddle against the wall. To practice, take the orange ball of 40 mm. the dimension of the table should be 2.74m x1.525m x 0.76m. You can take a bigger paddle. The paddles are made of the combination of rubber and wood and take two colors of paddles.

Gripping the paddle

There are two styles to grip the paddle.  One is known as penhold and other is the shakehand grip. You need to know the two types. To move the paddle, hold it loosely and then move your wrist freely. The penhold grip is the style where you need to hold the handle as a pen and the shakehand grip is the grip where the paddle is held like shaking hands. Choose the style which seems more natural to you.

Decision of serving the ball

According to the ITTF rules, before starting the game, you need to make a toss. The winner can choose if he first serves or not. When one gets the offer to choose the serve, another will get the opportunity to choose the side of the table.

Serving the ball

Serving the ball

Toss the ball with the free hand 16 cm vertically and then hit the ball with the paddle such a way that the ball hits once on the side of you of the table and then goes to the other side over the net. Here, the server can serve the ball to any corner of the opposite side of the table. Then the challenger should hit it to return it. But when you play the doubles, the serve will rotate between the partners. Every serve contains two points.

When the ball hits the net but it is a legal serve, then it will repeat again without counting any point. It is called the let serve.

Return ball

When you hit the ball and send it on the other side of the table, the opponent will hit it to send you back. If the ball touches the net but goes over it, the opponent has to return it back and continue the playing.

Score points

If the serve goes into the net or goes out of the table without any hit of the opponent, the opponent will score a point. Besides, if you fail to make the legal return of the ball, your opponent will score a point. Again, if you hit the ball more than one time with the paddle to make the return, your opponent will score a point. Do not touch the table with the free hand because it also gives the opponent a point.


You can play 21 to 15 and it will be a recreational play. The official rule is 11 points. To win the game, you must score 2 points more than the opponent.

Finally, how to play table tennis is not a question to them who read this article carefully. It is an easy game and to be a professional player, you need the guidance of a coach and need more practice.

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