How To Make Slime Without Borax At Home

How to make slime without borax. It is the common recipe for a borax user. But everyone does not have borax at home. Fortunately, it possible without borax makes slime. I will show now how it possible.  If you thirst to learn more, you are welcome to and

Method 1:

How to make slime without borax

How to make slime without borax preparing 

Add 250ml of water in a small saucepan

First, you need a small saucepan with 250ml (1 cup) water for warm. But not boiling or hot. If you were boiling the water, you need to wait for cool water before mixing the slime with your hand. But if you normally warm the water you don’t need wait for it. You can use your hand. You can also use a microwave to warm the water. Heat up the water for 50 to 60 seconds then use it.

Decant the water into a bowl
Now you need to decant 1 cup or 250ml warm water in the bowl. Then you can be added 3 or 4 drops food color in the water. The color gives you diluted slight when you make slime. Now mix water with a spoon.

Measure 140g cornflour
Cornflour is also known as cornstarch. Keep it in a large size bowl.
Mix water and cornstarch in the bowl
Now you need to mix color water with the cornstarch in the bowl. Firstly slowly decant the color water in the bowl which has 140g cornflour. Then mix the element to use your finger.

Regulate the faithfulness of the slime

For your personal preference, you can add more cornstarch and more warm water. Stay doing it as needed to obtain mixture that of the right slimy for your needs. You must use your finger to mix quickly.
Now you can keep the slime in a bag and save it.

Method 2: Making Edible Slime

Sweetened solid milk decant in the saucepan if you don’t have a pan you can also use a pot. Then add 14 gram (1 tablespoon) cornstarch on the sweetened condensed milk. Start heat mixture on simmer and low, stir constantly. Wait until thickened, when you see its thickened, you can remove it from the heat. After that add some food color. Then cool the slime, after cooling it, you can easily play with it.

Method 3: Making Baby Powder Slime

Firstly you need to decant on the bowl a half a cup PVA glue. Then add 2 or 3 drop food color then mix it until the color combine. After that you need to add half cup baby powder, you can attach more if you needed, and consistency slime until it reaches. Now play with it.
Method 4: Making Powdered Fiber Slime

Take fiber powdered with water
Firstly you need to mix one teaspoon fiber powder with 1 cup water in the bowl. Make sure the bowl is made of aluminium or silver because you need to mix it in the microwave.

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Add food color

Then you need to add some food color to the color mix the water on your wanted color. And remember it will be the color of the slime. You can’t mix the food color later.

Put it in the microwave with safe microwave bowl
Now you need to heat it for about 4 or 5 minutes. But be careful, check it regularly for that the boil doesn’t get over the bowl.
Now wait for two or three minutes
After that, you need to wait for two or three minutes. The mixture must be comparatively cool after that time.

Repeat the previous posses
Now you need to repeat that posses 5 or 6 times. First boiling it then cooling the mixture. Every time wait for cool after the mixture is boiling. Then cool the slime in the microwave for 10 minutes.

Now you know how to make slime without borax at home. But be careful when you start the make slime make sure your hands are washed. Don’t get it on your dress, because you can’t remove slime on your clothing.

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