How To Do The Backflip – Easy Newbies Guide

How to do the backflip: Backflip also known as a salto, a somi, a back tuck. Backflip is an impressive identifiable skill in gymnastics. It is a gymnastics system which makes your body 360-degree rotation. If you know muster on the back handspring, you can quickly do the backflip.
Part 1How to do the backflip

How to do the backflip preparation

It difficult for a beginner to do the backflip at once. But if a beginner takes some step after doing the backflip and prepares yourself. It helps the beginner to do backflip easily.
You can jump in a raw for several times. Now jump up in the row high and first. Its give you some idea what you need to do the backflip. You can still jump forward but not backward. Then try to do rolling. You can backward roll on your bed or ground.
You can also do the back handspring. If you muster on back handspring, you can easily do the backflip. So, firstly you can lean the back handspring than try to do the backflip. You can hire a spotter for lean back handspring.

How to do a back handspring 

Make sure your body and mind get ready

If you want to do the backflip firstly you need to ready your body and mind for that you know that human brain and body don’t anticipate to be upside down. However, they may respond with panic when you challenge your backflip. For that when you attempt, it cut the backflip. For result lead to injury.

Use right surface

If you are a beginner to do the backflip you can use your surface for cushioning. It helps you to jump interfere your ability.

hire a spotter

It’s very important when you try to do the backflip. Mostly hire a spotter for doing the backward. A spotter has an idea how to do the backflip, and he knows how way you lean it easily. If you go to the ground for doing the backflip without a spotter, its cause to injure yourself. A spotter also helps you all the way around flip.

Do another exercise

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Part 2: Mastering the Takeoff

Get the right stance

Now you need to stand about a shoulder breadth not together then get your arms over your head

Focus your gaze
Now you need to keep neutral position your head. Facing forward. But don’t look the ground, if you look at the ground, you may lose your balance.

curve your knees
Now curve your knees though you are sitting on the chair. Be careful don’t curve deeply or so much.

Swing your arms
Then you need your arms to swing over your head. But your knees stay curve. Just your knees are bending and with swinging your arms at once.

Jump up
After all that you can now jump up. If you don’t have a powerful jump, you can practice and improve its power. For example a trampoline, a springboard or a resi pit.

Part 3: Perfecting the Tuck

Make tighter your muscles
When you lift the ground, you need to tighten your leg and ab muscles.

Rotate your hips
Now you need to rotate your hips for the backflip, but not your shoulders.

Keep your eyes focused forward
It’s essential to focus forward as long as possible. If you look the ground absolutely, you will change your angle, and you lose your balance.

Tuck your legs
Force your knees toward your upper body on the maximum point of your jump and take your arms with back toward your legs.
Now you know how to do the backflip. You must heir a spotter for more safety. If you go to the field for doing the backflip without a spotter, remember to take your own risk.

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