How To Do Long Multiplication Without A Calculator

If you want to know how to do long multiplication, you can see it. Long multiplication is a method who help to solve the long multiplication and easily and quickly. If you know multiplication table and how to fix it you can quickly solve any multiplication problem.

How to do long multiplication preparation

 Write a larger number higher than smaller number

If you want to do long multiplication, 1st you need to write two number. one long and one short. For example, you can take 469 and 32. Write the number on the paper. Remember firstly write 469 then you need to write the second number under the first number.

Now take a digit

Now you need to take a digit on the second number or who stay under the 1st number. For example its 2. Now multiply on the right side of 469 by 2. First 2×9 than 2×6 at last 2×4. After that you can write the number on the paper, 2×9=18 write the paper 8, then carry 1. After that 2×6=12 with carried 1+12=13, write 3 on the paper and carry 1. At last 2×4= 8 with carried 1+8=9, now write 9 on the paper. Now, 469×2=938.

how to do long multiplication

Now you need to take the second digit on the under the first number. For example 3 for 32. Now multiply the 469 by 3 and write under the 938. Be careful. Now you mostly take a 0 under the 938. Than multiplying 469 by 3. First 3×9 than 3×6 at last 3×4. 3×9=27 write 7 on the paper and carry 2. Than 3×6=18 with carried 2+18=20 now write 0. At last 3×4=12 with carried 2+12=14 write 14 on the paper, the full number is 1467 with 0 is 14070.

how to do long multiplication

Finish multiplying

Now you n

eed to plus the 1st and 2nd multiplying number. 938+14070.

how to do long multiplication

First 8+0=8, 3+7=10 write 0 carry 1, 9+0=9 with  carry 1+9=10 write 0 carry 1, carry 1+4=5 write 5 on the paper. At last 1 write on your paper, now full digit is 15008. Finally 469×32=15008.

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Long another multiplication

You need to take large number about 4-5 digit. For example, take two number 5127 and 4265, now you need to multiplication 5127 by 4265. 1st multiplication 5127×5, 5127×5=25635 write it on your paper.

how to do long multiplication

Than multiplication 5127×6, 5127×6=30762, write this number with 0 under the first multiplication number(25635), now this number is to do long multiplication

After that you need to multiplication 5127×2, 5127×2=10254, write this number under the second multiplication number with 00. Now this number is to do long multiplication

At last, you need to multiplying 5127×4, 5127×4=20508, now this number under the third number with 000. After added 000 with this number look like to do long multiplication

Now you need to pulsing 4 number at once. to do long multiplication

I hope now you fully learn how to do long multiplication easily. But remember the carry on ten along, sometimes its missing, if carry is missing you don’t solve the multiplication. Be careful always get the number on the right columns.

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