How to do cornrows : Easy Guide For Beginner

How to do cornrows: Cornrows is an ancient traditional African hairstyle. Cornrows also called canerows in the Caribbean. Either men or women can wear cornrows. If you want to do cornrows, you can follow this content.

How to do cornrows

How to do cornrows preparation

Plan your style

If you want to do cornrows, you need to choose a style and make a plan. You can make some marks on a Styrofoam wig holder or draw a picture. Now you draw a path which you want to take and decide how big row you want.

Wet the hair
You need to spray some water on your hair. Than comd or brush your hair that results its remove tangles. You need to damp your hair but not too wet slightly. Though some people say about tight braid but this is the best way.

Part the hair
Now you need to section some heir on your front side where you want to start the first cornrow. After that, put the sides of the hair that you aren’t braiding in two pigtails than taking some hair where you want began to start cornrow. Don’t take too much.

Cornrowing the Hair

Separate the first section into three strands.
Make a regular braid of about 2 “stitches” to get it started.
Firstly you need to pass the right piece under the middle. Secondly the left piece under the middle than the right section under the center. At last the left part under the middle.

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Start cornrowing 
Keeping two outer strands aside than make down under this early braid the middle strand and add a little hair. Now you fully combine new hair to the center strand. Then make a braid stitch out of these strands and do the continue braiding. If you are reach the end and your hair still over, you need to continue with a regular three-strand braid.

Secure the cornrow

If you want to secure your cornrow, you can use a snap bead, end bar, hair clip, bolo tie tip, barrette or whatever you like.

Start the next row
Now you need to start 2nd row. Carefully take some hair and start the row. Make sure this row are the same size as the 1st row. Than moisturize the new section of your hair and start the braid with two stitches.

Finish cornrowing the rest of the hair

Now you finish the cornrows but be careful the cornrows should each be the same size.

Taking Care of Cornrows
Keep your cornrows neat at night. Now you need to take care your cornrows. For that, every night you need wear a scarf on your head that result your cornrows should be able to stay one week or longer.
Wash your hair every few days.
Every week you need to wash your hair. You can simply wash your hair. For example, use a shampoo and water mixture to wash, clear water to rinse and spritz the hair with a leave-in conditioner or hair oil afterward

I hope now you know how to do cornrows but be careful. Sometimes cornrows damage your hair. Especially It can damage a white person hair if kept in for too long.


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