How To Blur Background In Photoshop Easily

If you want to know how to blur background in photoshop you can read the content. Photoshop blur background is an effect that helps to make your photo real and natural. However, this is going to diminish the quantity of visual clutter. This fact makes to look more high and beautiful in your photograph.

How to blur background in photoshop

How To Blur Background In Photoshop

 Step 1

1st you need a photoshop software. You can find it in the Adobe stock. Now open the photoshop software. Then you need to select quick tools to cut the subject, after that select the quick tool than you need to selection around your subject. Then carefully choose your topic.

Step 2

Then go to the select option and click the mask option. Take the little tool which like a brush. Now go the edge of the around on the hair. Use the transparency slider for the check whether, if you are missing some area you can simply cover it by using transparency.
Now you need to click the edge tool for increase radius.

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Step 3

Click on Show Edge tool and Increase the radius for until you see the edge. Now you need to off the side. Now that selected area has improved.

Step 4

Now go to the layer option and select the new layer. After selecting the new layer, you can now click the ok bottom.

Now you need to hide your 1st selected person on the layer panel by clicking the eye icon. Select the background option then click the Ctrl key for veiled the layer mask.

Step 5

Now go to the Modify option and select the Expand option. Then you can take 10 pixels.

Step 6

Now you need to select the aware content option. For that, you can hit the shift and select bottom or shift or backspace. Now need to click ok on the content aware option. then pass the Ctrl and D to deselect the area. Now you don’t see your subject.

Step 7

Now you need to again visible the subject layer on the layer panel. And make sure your background layer also selected. Go to the filter option than gallery then click the field blur option. Then you adjust the blur and choose the first pin and use the slider for drag the circle. When you find the perfect color, you can click the ok bottom for applying.

I hope now you know how to blur background in photoshop. If you follow all step one by one, you can suss the make blur background in photoshop.

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