ES Explorer Apk – How to Download Latest Version

Download ES Explorer APK If you need an extra File Manager for your Android. Because This file manager is the best file manager in the world and it fully free, safe and straightforward to use and it has the full-featured file. You can Manage Image, Music, Movies, Documents, App, etc.

ES Explorer Apk

ES Explorer Apk Features

All over the world, there are 500 million users use ES Explorer APK file manager. However, It helps to manage your Android phone, and you can share files efficiently and without data cost.

  • File Manager: Now you can manage files with copy, paste, Cut, Rename and compress operations.
  • Click to play music and videos, check photos and document files. Are very easy on this.
  • Built-in ZIP and RAR file support. Which allows to compress and decompress ZIP files, unpack RAR files can provide by this.
  • You can get your files from anywhere. It supports Dropbox,, Google Drive One Drive etc.
  • You can remote your files when this feature is enabled, and you can manage files on your phone from your computer.
  • It also can manage files on FTP, FTPS, SFTP, and WebDAV servers just like you manage on your SD cards.
  • IT access your home PC: Through your smartphone via WiFi with SMB.
  • Root Users can use it the ultimate set of file management tools.
  • You can copy and paste files with Bluetooth-supported devices. moreover, ES File support OBEX FTP for browsing devices and transferring files.
  • You can use your PC for wirelessly editing mobile Files by Using FTP.
  • Find anything in one second.
  • You can use categories Uninstall, backup and create shortcuts to your apps.
  • Kill tasks with a single click.
  • Its increase your memory and speed up your device, Including a simple widget.
  • You can see your current RAM situation and automatically kill the task.
  • An ignore list to ignore the applications you want to keep running.
  • Cache Cleaner and Autostart Manager.
  • It automatically deletes junk files that take up valuable storage space.
  • This software displays SD card status and real-time files on screen.
  • It helps load recently added files in library 80% faster.

However, It has a good thing that, in every update, ES File Explorer tries to fix their problems.

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Always they try to do 3 things must.Those are

  1. Fixed music player display issue.
  2. Optimize app size.
  3. Bug fixed.

Moreover, there are many things that made it better and when users began to complain some that the additional feature was causing their chargers to become extremely hot, they remove the charger booster and that’ss why we have decided to drop ES File Explorer our best app list.

We can say that ES Explorer APK helps everyone handle all files, whether they stored in device memory, MicroSD card, cloud storage accounts, and local area network. However, It’s the best thing is it can allow you to copy, move, rename, delete or share files to any of your storage. It also gives the opportunity to browse and access your files by category

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