DFNDR: Antivirus, Booster & Cleaner APK Review And Download

DFNDR: Antivirus, Booster & Cleaner is an Android APK file. With the help of its virus protection system it protects, detects and remove the harmful and unwanted virus. Keep safe your device from the virus. Optimize your battery life with its battery booster feature. CCleaner helps to free space from the hard disk by deleting the useless file like- cache, junk files, temporary files, broken shortcuts, etc. and also protect your privacy.The DFNDR is rated as one of the best antivirus’s in the world

DFNDR: Antivirus, Booster & Cleaner free download

More than 4 million people are using DFNDR: Antivirus, Booster & Cleaner APK all over the world to protect their device with this Android APK. However, It has average 4.5 rating on Google Play Store, and You can download the app free from play store, but if you want to download DFNDR: Antivirus from our site you can click the link.

What is DFNDR

Moreover, DFNDR is an Android APK. It has developed by  PSafe to protect the security of your Android device. It is a feature rich APK, and it also Gives you battery saver, antivirus app, Anti-theft, call blocker,

task killer, SMS blocking, safety app, power saver within single APK.

Antivirus and Security

DFNDR Antivirus is created to protect. Scan all files and SD card of your device. Detect unwanted files and remove malware. Moreover, This feature protects you from all kinds of internet threads and keep secure your Android device by using this feature. You can find your stolen/lost phone location with its Anti-theft feature.

Battery Saver and Booster

Can save power whenever your phone battery gets low.However, it has power management tool battery booster provides the most accurate battery information. Keeps track of the recent battery changes, monitors battery-draining processes and helps you deal with various battery wasting situations.


Mobile device tends to keep junk files and become slow down gradually. Simply clean unwanted and junk file by using DFNDR: Antivirus, Booster & Cleaner APK. It’s CCleanerfeature lets you do the job with one click.


Protect all kinds of the app like- Facebook, What’s App, Massager with app lock password. Prevent your app exposed by the snoopers.


Question: How to uninstall DFNDR?

Answer: To uninstall DFNDR Go to the settings icon on your device. Select Application Manager, find out DFNDR on the list and select it. Click on Uninstall. Confirm the Uninstallation.

DFNDR has been successfully uninstalled.

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Question: I want to uninstall DFNDR. But can’t. Why?

Answer: If you have enabled Advanced Protection of DFNDR’s anti-theft functions, in that situation this problem may occur. Advance Protection prevents you from uninstalling or disabling DFNDR on your device. To disable Advance Protection and uninstall DFNDR, go to the setting icon of your device, select “security,” click on “Device Administrator” then Click on the button and enable the DFNDR.

Now you can uninstall normally through your application manager.

What’s new?

  • Security Advisor: Can check the condition of security and fix issues.
  • Cryptography: Changed the cryptography of your Private Gallery to keep your photos secure.
  • Improved antivirus security: Antivirus security is completely improved. Scan virus and remove malware with the awesome feature.
  • What’s app cleaner: Able to filter and delete file received on what’s App within the period.

DFNDR: Antivirus, Booster & Cleaner Improve performance of your phone.  Let’s you most important three feature in one APK. Give you a feel as like brand new phone.

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